Wednesday, February 1, 2017

FREE Easy Crochet Pattern for Fingerless Gloves

These fingerless gloves work up fast and easy. The original chain can be as long as you want it to be. Just measure the distance between your 2nd and 3rd knuckle on your hand to an area past your wrist. When you begin your chain, place it on your hand to see how long you want your gloves to be. For more accurate width measurements, wrap a measuring tape around you hand from inside your thumb all the way around your palm. That measurement will determine the width of your gloves. These gloves stretch, though, so don’t make them too large.

Tools Needed

Crochet hook, size I*
Tapestry needle

*For a tighter weave, use a smaller hook size; for thicker yarns, use a larger hook size – just make sure to measure the width of your hand and the length of the area you want the glove to fit, and size the number of original chains and number of rows accordingly.


BLO, Back Loop Only
Ch, Chain
Chs, Chains
Hk, Hook
SC, Single Crochet 
St, Stitch
Sts, Stitches

Short Fingerless Gloves 

Make 2

Using I-Hk, Ch 21 or more if you want longer gloves (if using 2 strands of yarn, use N-Hk)

Row 1
Sk 2 Chs from Hk (including the one on the hook), go through back loops of Ch, SC all the way across for 20 sts, Ch 1

Row 2-on (6.5-7” for small hands; 7.25-7.5+” inches for medium to large hands)
SC BLO all the way across, Ch 1

Fold gloves in half lengthwise. Place stitch markers at the 5th and 11th Sts. Sew first 5 Sts. together from both halves, sew into one side only for next 5 Sts. (to leave room for the thumb – it doesn’t matter which side), then sew both sides together for the rest of the stitches. 

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