Sunday, January 1, 2017

FREE EASY Crochet Pattern for Textured Cuddle Afghan / Cuddle Blanket

A friend of mine asked me to crochet a blanket for a couple of friends of hers, something that would allow them to cuddle under the same afghan. She wanted something bulky and warm.

Though I used to shop at Hobby Lobby for all my yarn needs when I lived in the Champaign area (where Hobby Lobby offered several aisles of yarn), the local Hobby Lobby in Bradley has only 2 aisles of yarn (I am very disappointed by their selection), Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores was right around the corner from my new residence. Although I didn’t expect to find anything I liked, because I thought they had an even worse selection, I decided to try Jo-Ann first anyway. 

The minute I walked into the store I found exactly what I wanted! But not until I got home did I discover the many textures in this one bulky skein of yarn! What a delightful surprise! The yarn, Bernat Home Bundle, can be found only at Jo-Ann, and I’m so glad I found it! 

Because the yarn is so bulky, I wanted to use a large crochet hook. I have lots of crochet hooks, but I wanted the Q Hook. Neither Jo-Ann or Hobby Lobby had it. I found one at Walmart, packaged together with a P Hook, so I brought my yarn and hook home to begin my project.

Bernat Home Bundle is expensive at $10 per skein, BUT Jo-Ann held a sale, so I bought mine for only $6 per skein. Each skein weighs 8.8 oz/250g and is approximately 207 yards long.

The pattern printed inside the label of Bernat Home Bundle shows how to create a striped effect by knitting (see photo above), but I wanted to crochet the blanket and I wanted to show something a little less predictable, something with even more texture. The results of the pattern I used shows the difference between the pattern shown in the photo on the label of the yarn and the pattern in my cuddle blanket. Q crochet hooks, by the way, allow you to quickly complete a project when you use bulky yarn. You can also use more than one skein at a time with a Q hook to achieve a bulky effect. Here’s how I achieved the look you see in the photo above:

Materials Needed for the Cuddle Blanket

5 Skeins of Bernat Home Bundle (I used their Cream color)
Size Q Crochet Hook
Smaller Crochet Hook (to weave in ends – I used H)


Ch – Chain
Sk – Skip
SC – Single Crochet 
HDC – Half Double Crochet


Begin Ch 83
Row 1 Sk 1st Ch and alternate SC, HDC all the way across, Ch 1
Row 2 to end Alternate SC, HDC all the way across, Ch 1

You should have 82 stitches in each row, and you should begin each row with a SC and end each row with a HDC.

You may use this pattern to sell items, but if you share this pattern, please link back to this page. Thank you!

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