Monday, March 2, 2015

Simple Lacy Crochet Cowl Instructions

As most of you already know, Facebook is filled with groups that match our interests. I belong to several groups, writing groups and crochet groups among them. When I posted the above cowl along with three additional cowls, the most popular cowl I posted was the one you see above. Many Facebookers asked me for instructions. 

Because so many were interested, I thought many of my readers might be interested too, so, though I followed no pattern, I can tell you what you can do to achieve the same lacy effect you see in the photo. 

The yarn I used was an ultra-soft shimmery yarn. If I had known so many people would be interested, I would have written down the brand name. I purchase my yarn from numerous places, though, so this one could have come from Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or Meijer. I also don’t remember the size hook I used, though it was probably anything from a J (6mm) to an N (9mm) hook. The pattern is so flexible, though, that you can use any type of yarn and any sized hook to achieve the same results.

To begin, crochet a length of chain to measure around your neck – long enough to reach about 4-6 inches below the front of your neck. You don’t have to pay attention to the number of chains you crochet, though if you are the type who needs exact numbers, chain groups of 5.

Connect the beginning of the chain to the end of a chain with a slip stitch. Make sure not to twist the yarn. I prefer to use the crochet-through-the-back-of-the-chain method for my first row (for instructions on how to do that, please refer to the short video I found and posted below). Skip the first two chains, placed 5 DBL crochets in the next chain, skip the next two chains, 5 DBL crochet in the next chain space, and so on, going around the foundation chain.

For the next row and for every row after, Chain 2, place 5 DBL crochets into the top center of each cluster from the previous row, Chain 2, etc. until you have an even number of clusters in each row. Because I used the entire skein of yarn, the cowl ended up having 15 rows of clusters.

So the basic instructions for each row after the foundation chain are:

Ch 2, 5 DBL crochet into the center top of each cluster below, Ch 2. End with a Ch 2 and place a slip stitch into the last 5DBL crochet cluster.

VIDEO – Stitch Scene: How to Crochet in the Back bar of chain.


  1. Thank you for the pretty pattern!

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Hi there. I chained what I thought was enough and now the foundation chain hole seems too small. I've done 15 rows. Do I keep going or will I have to start all over.......

    1. Does it fit over your head? If it fits over your head, you can either stop or continue. If it doesn't fit over your head, maybe it would fit a young child.

  3. HI, I am just starting this project (love the look of it) - Do I do 2 chains between each 5 DBL crochets?
    In other words: *chain 2, skip 2 chains, 5 DBL crochet in next ch. Continue from * across
    ? I'm sure I'll figure it out :) but anticipate your response, thanks!

    1. Yes, but only in the beginning for the first row, because for the rest of the project, you'll be placing 5 DC in the middle of each DC from the row below and you'll place 2 ch between each DC.

      I hope I clarified things. If not, please let me know.

    2. Thank you! I think I've got it!

    3. So glad I could help! Have a wonderful year!

  4. I just finished the first base row. I think I did it wrong based on the previous comment and response. Here is what I did:

    5dc skip 2ch, 5 dc skip 2 chicken
    I think I need to go back and ch2

    I think I need to ch 2 after each dc cluster. Right?

    Also can you clarify what you mean by "place 5DBL crochet into the top center of each cluster?" Where exactly is the top center?

    Can you tell I'm a beginner?😇