Friday, November 30, 2012

Crochet Hats For Cancer Patients!

This post was originally published 11/30/12:

Since my first Crochet for Cancer hat, I have crocheted even more hats, some of which I mailed a few weeks ago. I make them mostly for children (both boys and girls), but I also crochet hats for adults, and I plan on donating more (2 are already finished).

Anyone going through chemotherapy genuinely appreciates gifts of hats and scarves, especially during the winter months. I know – as a former cancer patient, I was sincerely touched by all the hats and scarves I received from generous people who cared enough to send them.

Are you considering crocheting hats for cancer patients? If so, please keep in mind that the types of hats you need to crochet serve more than just a decorative purpose. Please don't leave gaps in your crocheted hats – remember, you are covering a bald head. 

To prevent gaps, use only single crochet or slip stitch if you use a 4-ply yarn. For bulkier yarns you can use double crochet or even triple crochet if, when stretched to their maximum, the hats remain opaque. From experience I can tell you that if you're used to having hair and then suddenly go bald, you feel the cold intensely. Hats that completely cover the head are necessary. Also some cancer patients feel uncomfortable with no hair.

Crochet for Cancer offers free hat patterns that work well for cancer patients. To find one you like, click the link for chemo cap patterns.

Once you complete the caps, visit the Crochet for Cancer website for addresses.

I mailed five crocheted hats to Pam Harshman (in 2012) and received a beautiful hand-written thank you note expressing her appreciation for the hats and letting me know that the hospital that accepted the hats was down to only one hat before they received my contribution. My gift "will be so appreciated." Sadly, Pam Harshman died this year, but her daughter carries on her legacy.

Please visit the Crochet for Cancer web site for more information about why Crochet for Cancer began and also friend them on FaceBook.

Want more information from Crochet for Cancer? Email them at

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