Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yarn Hoarder Admits Defeat

I admit it. I hoard yarn. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't purchase DVDs or CDs, nor do I shop for clothes or shoes. I do, however, buy three things: food, gifts, and yarn. 

The yarn sits in a bin. It also sits in a trunk. And it sits in bags. Whenever I come up with a project idea (usually for a scarf or an afghan), I lay out yarn I think might look good together and I match complementary colors. I then figure out what stitches might look good for the project I’m about to make.

So I also use my yarn – a LOT. 

I've made an afghan for each one of my grandchildren and great grandchildren (a total of 14 afghans). I've also made afghans for my mom and dad and sisters. And I've made afghans for myself. So in total I've made a minimum of 20 afghans.

Now I'm crocheting items for sale, but I haven't taken the time to describe or photograph each one, because I'm still weighing my options (where or where should I sell them). 

The photos you see are of a trunk filled with yarn, a large bin filled with yarn, a couple of bags filled with yarn, a bunch of scarves and hats, a small poncho, and a small afghan.

Bottom line is this: I think it's perfectly OK to hoard things as long as you actually use them. Does that sound as if I'm making excuses? Maybe. But I look at it this way – if I were a painter, I would have to surround myself with color, and I would have to experiment with different color combinations. If I were a sculptor, I would want various sculpting tools and lots of different materials to sculpt. And if I were a woodworker I would want to try oak and elm and bamboo and…

I think you understand.

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